Wednesday, 4 July 2012

We've moved in...

Yes, we have :)

It's been crazy busy moving, living and trying to find our way around the house.

It is literally very huge. Huge for two people.

Chris and I are struggling and making a real effort to turn off the lights. They are so far away from each other - so much area space!- Wish we got more double/triple light switches~!!

Some of our stuff is still in boxes and bags ready to be unloaded. Figured if we are going to be living in here long time, we've got forever time to do all that...

More update soon when I get more time. Need to get reading on wedding stuff now! :P

Monday, 11 June 2012

Electrical plans

I thought I'd share how marvelous our electrical plans have turned out.

All we could see was dust after 3 days of floor installation. This crazy dust was everywhere in every corner, every inch of our floors, bench-tops, shelves, handrails - everywhere!

So, we got on our cleaning gear, equipped with mops, vacuum cleaners, and stakes of clothes and started cleaning away. And boy; I was in awe every time I needed to plug the vacuum cleaner - cos there was a power point like every two meters. It was heaven! hahhahahha

There is so much room in the house that the vacuum cord kept getting maxed out and had to plug it to the next available socket. Oh-my-golly-gosh! :)

So when we purchased the house, we went with the Delux electrical pack.We then added the following for additional costs:

  • Added 14 extra powerpoints around the house!!!!!
  • An extra flood light (and relocated another one)
  • extra fluro lights in the garage (cos of the 3rd garage)
  • (went with the standard light in the pantry) We were going to go with an automatic light switch but it wasnt necessary. 
  • Added metallic plate to power point switches in the kitchen
  • Had the external junction box fitted outside the brick walls next to the ensuite bathroom
  • Had 3 external waterproof powerpoints (for those BBQ days and lawn mower moments)
  • Added a 20 amp switch in the garage (for husband who likes to use his electrical equipment)
  • Added a gas point in the alfresco area for the BBQ (instead of buying those gas bottles)

The floors - complete

The carpet looks amazing.

And Chris is constantly repeating, "Now, who chose the chocolate colour?? I did!!!!"

Damn, the colours look good!!

Study Room

Theater Room

Master Bed


Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The floors - progress day 1

 It's been very busy at our place. Our working bee was hard at it today; installing the whole house in just one day. Day 2 tomorrow he will be doing all the skirtings.

The house is now very dusty too and it's a bit of a playground cos you can skid across the room with all this saw dust!

(the pictures dont do the colour any justice)

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Floors are being installed tomorrow

Things are taking shape now. Floors are being installed on Wednesday and Friday this week.

Gas meter should be installed this week too.

On Thursday next week, I'll be watching them install all the appliances. Whooooo hoo!!


Check out the huge family living in this place. 

Nah - actually, they are all the many photo frames Ive collected over the past 12 months! 

The family in the frames are good lookin' too!

Key Night

There was a mini party at our place. Bring on Maccas any day :)